[Day 4] Books for December


Above is the 6 books I’m going to read in December, plus an ebook of Hygge  – The Danish Art of Happiness. Hopefully I can write something like a book review for each, but I seriously doubt it. A total book review for everything is counted as an victory for me already.

List of the books :

  1. Hygge – The Danish Art of Happiness – Marie Tourell Søderberg . I read this book for December discussion with my new formed book club. We have already done 2 books, one for Oct and one for Nov. This is for Dec. Looks like it is a good one.
  2. Communications in Computer and Information Science – Information Retrieval – Revised Selected Paper. Just a bunch of scientific journals about what I have been doing lately. Just for work.
  3.  Two Boy Kissing – David Levithan . I read this book for my INT 101 class. As not a fan of young adult novels as I am, I found the books included within this class really interesting. I only have read a few chapters of this book, but it seems like to be about the stories of a few adolescent boys that have trouble with their gender identity. They’re undoubtedly gay, and that is the main cause of their problems.
  4. Daily Rituals: How Artists Work -Mason Currey . I took it from “Read the World” project of “Anh Trung”. It is the collection of interview or journal about how 161 famous people organized their day. The figures mentioned in this book includes Frank Kafka, Leo Tolstoy, Karl Marx, Charles Dickens and of course 157 more ( if I do the math right haha). Hopefully I can learn and practice a lesson or two from the book.
  5. Tools of Conviviality – Ivan Illich. Last month I have a chance to read a book from the same author, of which title is Deschooling Society. I really like it. Thus, I decide to read more of his works . I’m not really sure what this book is about, but I care more about the author. As long as the author is good, I would follow him/her to the end of the world, as I have done so for Nguyễn Ngọc Tư, Nassim Taleb, George Orwell, and latest addition, Ayn Rand.
  6. The Art of Loving – Erich Fromm. This is from the  “World Perspective” series that both Deschooling Society and Tools of Conviviality came from. Once again, I’m not sure what this book is about but 1) It got a good author 2) It comes from a good source and 3) it seems to focus about the psychological side of love. That’s all I need to know.
  7. The revolution of hope:Toward a humanized technology  – Erich Fromm. This book also belongs to the “World Perspective” series. It fits well with what I’m trying to figure , finding a right balance between humanity and technology. Cannot be a better time to read this than now.

It might took me a lot of time to process it. Let’s see how it turn out.

You might also want to check my goodreads account. Sometimes, when I have nothing to do, I read and write reviews.


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