[Day 7] Cake and Ice-cream – The ultimate question (5 min read)


Cake or ice-cream, which one is the better choice for dessert?

This is a very tough decision to make. In my opinion, I don’t like neither of those two, at least my rational mind told me that. They are just too sugary, too unhealthy, too… bad. But it is my rational mind’s decision, not me. I think when people think about desert, they tend to let their ration mind relax a little bit. Dessert is not comparison about pros and cons. Dessert is about pleasure, about gift, about relaxation time that one gives to oneself after a long day. Me personally, I choose ice-cream, since it is convenient to have and it also provide me a lot of good memories. However, objectively speaking, I must bow my head to cake.

Ice-cream a big part of my childhood. With every kids in my generations at that time (Vietnam, the 90s), having an ice-cream was something that was extremely desirable. We didn’t have any money. We were kids, and our parents were not rich.  I think as humans; we tend to want thing that we cannot get it easily. Ice-cream was usually sold by an ice-cream guy, who rode a bike with a big box on the back seat that contained our dream. We could notice his presence by the sound caused by the bell attached in his bike. He always rang it when he came, just to let us know that he was coming. To us, that is the signal that heaven is coming. For those who have money of course. A decent breakfast at that time costed around 2.000 Vietnamese dong. A normal ice-cream costed half of that, but if you want a bread with ice-cream inside, you have to pay 2.000. I remember that I have to secretly skipped breakfast a lot in order to save money for ice-cream. It totally worth it. When you were sweating because you had been running around with your friends for hours and the weather was burning because it’s summer in a tropical region country, having an ice-cream was just the most divine thing that you can ever feel in your life. It was even better if you could share it with your friends, who are suffering the same fate with you. When I grow older, I stopped having ice-cream from the ice-cream guys. Instead, since I got my own bike and money, I started collecting ice-cream sticks to get the prizes that I saw on TV. I remember that after every swimming or basketball training at the city’s center, I always get by a store on the way home to get myself an ice-cream as a little treat for my hard-working practices. Cake, to me, is strange. It’s not common, and expensive. Back then, I can only have it once a year, when my birthday comes. It can never give me such memories like ice-cream did.


We kids around ice-cream guys back in the days. 


We only need this to be happy!!!


Probably my face having a good ice-cream haha :)) 

Regards on convenience to have, ice-cream is way ahead of cake. You can get an ice-cream at almost any store, and the enjoyment you have from having them is guaranteed, since ice-cream quality doesn’t vary based on where you get them. Cake’s quality varies a lot. Since it was craftily made, you cannot be sure whether your next cake is good or not, even you buy them at the same place. Ice-cream is also easy to store at your house for a long time. If you have enough space in your fridge, you can have an ice-cream supplies for 6 months without worrying it will decrease in value. Cake is the completely opposite. The longer you keep a cake, the worse it tastes. If a cake is in your fridge for more than one month, it is likely that you don’t want to have it. Thus, you have to re-stock your cake supplies more frequently, if you do not want to bake one yourself. It’s just too much hassle having cake for dessert.

Although I favor ice-cream due to its convenience and attachments with my past, I do think that cake offer more variability and having good cake gives you more pleasure than getting an ice-cream. Plus, instead of its sugary, cake is more “true food” due to the flour, eggs and another ingredient to make. On the contrary, I think ice-cream is just frozen sugar water with extra fat. Cake is also best in creating a warm mood between several people in the meals. Having a pie from a cake warm up the conversation and lighten the mood. Now they have the new topic that they can talk about. Ice-cream couldn’t make that feeling. Being cold can be an advantage for ice-cream at Viet Nam, but it can be a real disadvantage for people who have low tolerance to food’s temperature, such as elders. So, I think, speaking of superiority on benefits, cake has the higher ground.


I don’t think they make wedding ice-cream. 


Cake is prettier, and easier for sharing.

Everything is subjective. And without a certain circumstance, it’s hard to tell which is better than which. I like ice-cream because I can easily get it and I feel more familiar with it. I like cake before it gives more pleasant feeling and provide a warm mood for conversation within a meal. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that whether it is cake or ice-cream. If you feel good about it, even you have water, I would consider that is a good dessert.


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