[Day 8] Introducing Powtoon – an online tool for creating animated movies

Today, instead of writing, I will introduce you to Powtoon, a quite powerful and easy to use online tool that will help you create strong presentations.

I just discovered the tool today, and have played around with it. This video below takes me 1.5 hour from zero starting point. ZERO!!

Having use quite a few tools for presentation, including Canvas, Prezi and the famous Powerpoint, I find this tool a really useful one. For some reasons,the editing speed is amazing. First time loading takes few minutes, but after that, everything is lightning. You don’t even realize that you’re editing a movie online. It is totally crazy how fast and easy it can be. It is even more instinctive than Powerpoint. The creators of this tool are really thoughtful about creating a user-friendly interface and for sure do a lot of data optimization. Also, there are good amount of platforms,images and animated figures to choose. Thus, you have a lot of options to presents your ideas, in your own way. Even a no-experience video maker like me can get used to it after couple of minutes, so I think you will definitely enjoy this. Think about how cool it is coming to a business meeting with a video proposal, or rock your class presentation proving your point with video. No more boring, idle presentation, now you can make your ideas talk and run around.

P/s: Powtoon only gives you access to its Premium Features 48 hours after you register. So if you do not want to pay for the tool, you might have to think about when to register.

For some reason, 2 of my mates hate it. They said that they have used a much more better tool than this, but somehow they cannot remember its name. I’ll ask them again for it and may update you later.

Have a good Tuesday and hope this helps.


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