[Day 20] The Martian – Cool movie


So I have watched The Martians. Even though it is a little bit cliche and too much Hollywood-like, I still consider it a really good movie. I thought movies like The Martians brings many inspirations and educational lessons to people, especially kids. If I were a kid watching this, I would definitely find science more attractive, and the hidden desire to be an astronaut in the future is having its chance to start burning again.

There are 4 choices (3 in the movie and 1 hidden) that I found interesting:

1st decision:

When NASA did not know that they left Mark at Mars, they consider proposing to the Congress about the new ARES 6. Vincent said it’s a good opportunity because they can use that chance to exploit the feeling of the audience about Mark’s death. Retrieving Mark’s body is never the main mission, but it is a good add-in for popularity. Teddy opposes because he does not want Mark’s body to be exposed to the media, thus reduce the astronaut’s (and Nasa’s) image.

Well, Mark is death. And business must go on. Retrieving Mark’s body is not appealing to NASA, but it is to the public. I find this talk really nice.

2nd decision: 

When NASA found out that there is a chance that Mark is alive. They face the decision between following the law to publish this or ignore it. Despite losing face and having a lot of difficulties in the rescue mission, they choose to publish the news, since they know they cannot cover the lie forever.

Teddy Sanders: How sure?
Vincent Kapoor: A 100%.
Annie Montrose: You’ve got to be shitting me.
Teddy Sanders: Prove it to me.
Vincent Kapoor: For a start the solar panels have been cleaned.
Teddy Sanders: They could have been cleaned by wind.
Vincent Kapoor: Back it up. Look at Rover 2. According to the logs, Commander Lewis took it out on Sol 17 plugged it into the Hab to recharge. It’s been moved.
Teddy Sanders: She could have forgotten to log the move.
Mindy Park: No, not likely.
Annie Montrose: Well why don’t we just ask Lewis? Let’s get on CAPCOM and ask her directly right now.
Teddy Sanders: No. No. If Watney is really alive, we don’t want the Ares 3 crew to know.
Annie Montrose: How…how can you not tell them?
Teddy Sanders: They have another 10 months on their trip home. Space travel is dangerous. They need to be alert and undistracted.
Annie Montrose: But they already think he’s dead.
Vincent Kapoor: And they’d be devastated to find out they left him there alive.
Annie Montrose: I’m sorry, but you have not thought this through. I mean, what are we gonna say? “Dear America, remember that astronaut we killed and had a really nice funeral for? Turns out he’s alive and we left him on Mars. Our bad. Sincerely, NASA.” I mean, do you realize the shitstorm that is about to hit us?
Teddy Sanders: How are we going to handle the public?
Annie Montrose: Legally, we have 24 hours to release these pictures.
Teddy Sanders: We release a statement with them. We don’t want people working it out on their own.

3rd decision:

When NASA facing the decision between risking Mark’s life and the whole crew’s life. Teddy, director of NASA, choose to protect the crews. He has to do that way. However, Mitch, their ground team captain choose to secretly let the crews know about the second option and let them choose. Of course, they choose to risk their life to save Mark. When Teddy knows about this rebellion, he told Mitch that the whole thing is bigger than one person. To his surprise, Mitch said ” No, it’s not. ”

Teddy Sanders: Annie will go before the media this morning and inform them of NASA’s decision to reroute the Hermes to Mars.
Mitch Henderson: Sounds like a smart move, considering the circumstances. Whoever gave them the maneuver they only passed along information. Crew made the decision on their own.
Teddy Sanders: You may have killed them, Mitch. We’re fighting the same war. Every time something goes wrong, the world forgets why we fly. I’m trying to keep us airborne. It’s bigger than one person.
Mitch Henderson: No, it’s not.
Teddy Sanders: When this is over, I’ll expect your resignation.
Mitch Henderson: I understand.
Teddy Sanders: Bring our astronauts home.

4th decision: 

This is the whole movie. This is just like Saving Private Ryan, on a much bigger scale. Millions of dollars and man-hours have been wasted for saving Mark.

Values that I think the film contains:

+ Will, effort of human can conquer nature.

+ Never give up.

+ Learn science. It helps. Be smart and creative. It helps.

+ Value of a human life is insurmountable.

Conclusion: This film may not be a classics, but it’s something to enjoy. It’s kinda Space Comedy The Revenant.


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