My poems


My black bike

I have two big circles and I am straight.

Those circles are soft sometimes but I’m always as hard as a steel gate.

People touch my bone, and then they touch my circles.

Touch it, touch it, feel my power.

Black, black, I’m proud these are all dark black.

Mysterious, manly, inviting like a guy with six-packs.

I run like a war horse, move swiftly like a whirlwind.

Girls surround me, admiring “What a majestic thing!”

But sometimes, when my circles are down, I’m like a gun with no rounds.

A proud soldier who got shot in the middle of the battleground.

Then I was taken to a beautiful woman.

Can you blow these up for me, please?

And now I’m feeling ready for another round.



The beast

We are scary.

I am scary.

A brute hide underneath human skin.

A clawless animal full of beastly thirst.

Hi, how are you doing?

Would that be enough to cover

my desire to bite, to consume, to devour, to tear you apart?

Oh, you’re busy? How about tomorrow night?

Would my voice betray me so much?

Has it already revealed

that I want to touch you

with my hands, my fingers, my nose, my head, my lips, my tongue, my everything?

I’m sorry.

I am not.

Take me. Take me. Take me.

I would be a rouge, a knave, a miscreant, a dog, a piece of meat. I don’t care.

Enslave me. Torture me. Kill me.

Would it make any differences?


But that will only be the start of my howling night.


How to code like a real programmer

First step: Plug the computer in,

and don’t forget to connect the screen.

Then you have to push the power button gently

but strong enough until it opens properly.

With luck, something might appear.

The texts, the symbols, arise from the darkest sphere.

Don’t be frightened, don’t be afraid.

But just in case,

this black magic scares the shit out of you,

give it your best kick and everything will be okay.


My little sis

She smiles

like an angel,

trying to hide her witty witty mind, which made me laugh every now and then.

She is holding a toy, as joyful as

every little baby would be.

She is wearing a red dress,

never knows she will be obsessed with them

until she turns ten.

There is me, on the right

wearing a shirt that I wish I didn’t have –

a cute Kitty cat smiles with me,

saying “Hey, I’m good on boys, too”.



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