[Day 1] Got inspiration

After a long time not writing anything, I believe today is a good time to get back to this habit. The 50 days writing that I tried before has stopped at Day 23, but it really has died much earlier than that. Looking back, I realize my mistake was trying so much to make a deep and meaningful essay everyday without taking account of how hard and long it is to write one. To overcome that difficulties, I’ve reused the essay that I’ve written in the past and that practice has created few problems:

  • The supply of those essays are not limited.
  • It creates a inertia of not writing, which goes directly against the purpose of the challenge.
  • Basically, I’m lying. Both to readers and myself.

Thus, I think the challenge of writing everyday does not work really well on me. Habit needs time to catch on. Now I believe the challenge should be kept inside and the rules would grow organically. Tomorrow me should not be tied by the promise of its less intelligent version.

Ok, enough for that, here’s 2 people that have inspired me today:

1) Ha Vu  – a software engineer sharing about his plan to master Machine Learning and got a github respitory that has over 16K star.


2)  Huyen Chip – an adventurer, writer, Stanford undergraduate and master student (at the same time) – humble and totally amazing. Her 365blog inspires me a lot.



I also got inspired by the book  Driverless: Intelligent Cars and the Road Ahead (MIT Press) . I have wanted to work towards an driverless car before, and this book explains to me exactly how complex the problem was and how we have step by step work out the solution. I used to think the problem lies between computer science and philosophy. I’m much more informed now.

On a different topic, I’m thinking about making videos to teach Programming in Vietnamese, in particular “Data Structures and Algorithm” concepts. Despite of its importance and student’s struggle in the topic, I have not found a good source to explain those terms in Vietnamese. I will definitely take a deeper look in this idea.


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