[Day 7] Difference in USA. Note in loneliness and communication.

Few brief observations/thoughts while driving car about America that I found much different from where I come from(Viet Nam, and somewhat New Zealand)

  1. Car culture. People spend a crazy amount behind the wheels and stuck in traffic everyday.
  2. Having a car is crucial. If you don’t have one, you’re basically disable.
  3. Everything is big and so far away, which directly increase driving time.
  4. Obesity is really a big problem. Overweight ppl are everywhere.
  5. Muscular and good-looking ppl are everywhere, too.
  6. No racism here, but I’ve heard from a black friend that when you drive to a new place and see a lot white pedestrians, it is a good neighborhood. Many people are obsessed in finding the imagined intent without acknowledging that is merely an observation, or fact.
  7. Americans are price-sensitive.
  8. Insurance is expensive. Only a few satisfy with their insurance’s rate.

Extra at the end of the day. I noticed that all day long I have been talking with myself while doing other stuff such as programming, or cooking. At night, I just lie down and open a YouTube video without watching it. I realise what I’ve done is trying to replicate a conversation by either using my own voice or the voice from my smartphone. I am in need of connecting to others, and without a real conversation all day long, my sub-conscious mind urge my to create a replica of it. I have not practicing mindfulness well I guess.

On another side note, I’ve just watched 2 videos from the channel “The school of life”. The first one talks about how communicating with children that you have not known before is the ultimate test of your social skills and the second one proves that the difference between an interesting person and the boring one is the courage and ability to convey one’s feeling, experience and opinions to others. I find both arguments quite convincing. In my first class of Creative Writing course, my instructor said that everyone of us has something to write. If I am 25 years old, it means I have at least 15 years of writing material waiting to be put on paper. The thing we lack is the courage to tell our stories to the world and the inability to transfer our perceptions into others by words. Everybody have their own filters, and if we are not aware of the differences between ours and theirs, we would indeed end up boring persons.


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