[Day 8] Willpower

Little things that can increase willpower (based on Kelly McGonigal talk at Google )

  1. Sleep more. Meditate and work-out on the regular basis.
  2. Think more about failure than success. Think about way how you can fail your goal. In fact, if you feel you’re getting progress, you’re more likely to drop.
  3. Eat more plants and fruit.
  4. Think about your future self. Write a letter from your future self to your current self
  5. Practicing mindfulness. Craving comes and go. This too shall pass. Try to feel the feeling and the urge to procrastinate/ do necessary things will pass.

Interesting facts: How long you hold your breath can be a good indication of how likely will you choose the easy way over the hard one. It’s called resistance test.

While I was typing this, Kelly shows me her 5 points. Here’s the the real 5 things that can increase your will-power (I might go too much into details and maybe my perception about it is different?)

  1. Train your will power physiology ( I think it apply to mediation, work-out, and resistance training)
  2. Forgive yourself ( I actually forgot this point)
  3. Make friends with your future self (same with my point 3, just shorter)
  4. Predict your failure (same my point 2)
  5. Surf the urge (same with my point 5, just shorter)

On the side story, today I’ve learned about how to make videos than can record the screen and webcam at the same time. Used a software call OBS studio.Spend a few hours trying to record the first lesson. Turns out that I have both less and more problems than I thought. Repeating words is not such a big problems but recording a video without making mistakes for a period becomes a real pain in the ass.


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