[Day 11] Opening day

Today has been fun. Good work-out when moving stuff for freshmen. Talking and dancing with ppl. It’s nice to see old friends and new faces. Smile a lot. Mercer is really good and making their students feel like they’re at home. I’m back in love with my uni. What a good and effective business strategy! Making your payers in love with you.

Got training with fellow tutors. We’ve learned about ethics, safety and discuss about tutoring methods. They’ve mentioned about active shooters, which is a lone person who carry firearms to shoot ppl. The priority should be “Run, hide, fight”. Run to open ground as fast as you can. Watch your phone for alerts and updates. If can’t run, turn off the light, create blockade to the door. In worst can, fight. Reinforcement would come soon, so avoid fighting as much as possible.


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