[Day 22] Captain Fantastic – a hidden gem


As usual, I just finish Captain Fantastic. It is just too good of a film. Actually, I really want to compliment the film to the highest standard, but now I’m losing my words describing it. It is just an extremely complicated mixture of feeling, caused by high crafted story line. The film contains perspective of our modern society from an outsider, the one who choose to retreat from human’s world. It also contains many philosophical concepts and peculiar ways of education. By showing pros and cons of their ways of living compared to a normal people, the movie has portrayed what is currently wrong with this world so that we can have appropriate adjustments for our lives.

Here is the list of lessons I learn:

  • I’m weak, both in intelligibility, spirituality, and physical ability. Seeing the film makes me ashamed of myself. I should have a more disciplined ways of living.
  • Practice physically. Practice mentally. And practice intelligibly.
  • “Interesting” is a lazy word. Describe more specifically. Focus on how you think about the matters, not the description of the matters.
  • A new way to talk about sexual intercourse. It seems to work.
  • Nobody is going to be there and help. Be more independent.
  • A good mixture of social knowledge and book’s knowledge is needed. Placing emphasis on one side and ignore the other is not great.
  • Watching these kids makes me realize my time is limited. I should god damn use them well.